Wearable Art

It’s Wednesday and that means I get to talk about my favorite workout apparel…again! So has anyone ever heard of Goldsheep Clothing?! Well it’s a company based out of California. I discovered Goldsheep through watching WWE. Yes, i’m a HUGE wrestling fan. In case you were wondering. But I noticed a lot of the female wrestlers would wear these vibrant, fun patterned workout leggings. So naturally I was curious, found the website. Then started browsing and became obsessed with all the cool patterns. It is wearable art. Who doesn’t love that?!

I love Goldsheep so much that I like to wear it as a daily, casual look. Especially for those days that I don’t feel like getting overly dressed but still want to look cute. And that’s a big deal because I don’t like to wear leggings as pants. I am a firm believer in only wearing workout leggings to workout and regular leggings with a tunic or dress. You could say Goldsheep has turned me into a new woman!

Go check out Goldsheep Clothing on social media! You won’t be disappointed. Below I am rockin’ my newest pair of Goldsheep leggings with a top from TJ Maxx (of course). I am big on floral print. So these were perfect for me! Thanks again. Until next time be sure to check out my instagram @kfashion28.


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