Boho Chic

The latest 70s trend that I see on dresses, tops, pants, etc…is tie-dye. It’s literally everywhere I look. I have become quite obsessed with it. When you think of tie-dye what comes to mind? Most people might think 70s hippie. Which back in the day that was a primary image associated with it. But nowadays tie-dye is seen in a whole different light. It’s in high fashion and other places. There are endless possibilities with tie-dye. I love that anyone can wear it. And it creates a fun look for all ages.

I have a tunic and dress that are both tie-dye. My tunic came from Nordstrom Rack. It’s black/gray and it was less than $20. Not a bad price and it is easy to throw on with black leggings. To me the tunic is more of a fall item. So I have only worn it once. As for my dress that I own, it’s a blue tie-dye and it’s sleeveless. I found it at Flaunt Boutique. Which BTW, they have free shipping ALWAYS. Gotta love that! The dress is a perfect flowy and casual combo for summer months.

Below is my tie-dye dress. I paired it with heels from Dillards and my Bauble Bar necklace. This look is fun for a date night on the town. So add some tie-dye to your life if you haven’t already. Thanks for tuning in! As always feel free to comment. I love feedback.



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