Giving back is the new black

Today’s post is all about charity and ways to contribute through fashion. So has anyone ever heard of Serengetee or inkkas? Well these brands are similar to Toms. Serengetee is basically a t-shirt company. But it’s the coolest t-shirt company i’ve ever came across. Their t-shirts all have a pocket on them with a different pattern. Each pattern represents a country with a cause. For example last week I bought a camouflage long sleeve tee. The money goes towards rehabilitation for our military. The fabric comes from all over the world. It’s a really cool way to help others in need. Serengetee also makes hats and other accessories.

Inkkas is a brand I just stumbled across a couple weeks ago through social media. Their purpose is for every shoe purchased, a tree will be planted. For all those environmentalists out there, this cause could be perfect for you. The shoes are so unique. I purchased my first pair last week during their sale. My shoes came in the mail yesterday. First reaction when I opened the box was…the picture didn’t give them justice. Even better in person! I’m kind of obsessed, especially since they are floral. Inkkas come in different styles and patterns. So lots of options.

Both brands represent great causes. It’s a good way to contribute. I hope everyone will check them out to see what it’s all about. Below are my inkkas. Thanks for tuning in!


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