Rock the hawk

So it’s been a minute since I did a hair or beauty post. Today will be all about hair. I have a good friend that’s a hairstylist. She does amazing work! Over the past weekend we worked together to create the vision I had for my looks. I wanted something different and fun. Which ended up being the faux hawk.

Used to only men wore them. But now women have started to rock the hawk. And I must say it’s pretty awesome. I have always enjoyed playing with different hairstyles. Because I get bored easily with my hair. Plus I like to look back on pictures and see transition. Being the daughter of a hairstylist I guess has that instilled in me. And not to mention I have long hair so it’s easier to create more looks.

My good friend had to use A LOT of bobby pins and hairspray to hold my hair together. She created more of a messy look. And the inspiration for my hair came from Pinterest. Below is her fabulous work.

I hope everyone has a Happy 4th and enjoys their weekend!


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