Sweater Weather 

Hello All,

So I recieved my photos yesterday. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was and still am. With that said let’s jump right in to fall fashion!

Today’s topic will be all about cardigans. Some people may think cardigans are for older women. Maybe back in the day they catered to that age group. But nowadays women or girls of all ages can pull off a cardigan with style. Cardigans are seen everywhere. Saying I love myself a good, comfy cardigan is definitely a understatement. During the fall season that is pretty much all you will catch me wearing. Cardigans are the perfect layering pieces. They go good with a dress, pants, shorts, etc. There are many ways to pair and wear them. I do not favor a specific type either. I like draped ones, ones with buttons, open ones and the list goes on. Each style of cardigan pairs good with a different outfit. For example: a long cardigan looks good with pants, leggings or a fitted dress. A short cardigan on the other hand (which goes to about your waistline) pairs well with a flowy dess or pants of some sort. And if you are going to wear a cardigan with leggings, my advice is to make sure it goes past your bottom. Because it is more flattering and makes for a cute look.

My cardigans have came from all over. Wal mart, Target, Forever 21, Tj Maxx, and local boutiques. Each are different. However if I like the cardigan enough I will buy it in multiple colors. Sometimes finding a good cardigan can be just as hard as finding a good pair of jeans. Some of my cardigans have been with me for years. Most of them are colors I cannot find anywhere else. Which brings me to my next point. If you are a cardigan lover like me. Then a black, navy, grey, beige or brown are all essential colors to keep in your closet. You cannot go wrong with any of these colors.

The cardigan you see below came from TJ Maxx. It is so soft and my favorite neutral color. It was about $16. Definitely one of my favorites right now. As you can see it is paired with some pleather leggings, leopard booties, and a maroon hat. All of which I will go into more detail later on. Thank you for tuning in. I cannot wait to show you more fall trends right here. Be sure to subscribe to my blog so you can receive updates of new posts.

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