It’s hoodie season

For this Workout Wednesday segment its all about hoodies. Now I know almost everyone out there owns a hoodie. They are too comfortable not to have one. I cannot even tell you how many I own. From a young age I have always worn them. They are the best thing to throw on for a football game or if you are going on an evening walk. Hoodies are just so versatile. You can even tie them around your waist, if its too warm to wear one. But usually hoodies are worn during the cooler months, so you should not have to worry about that.

In the pictures below I am sporting my New York Giants hoodie. Which surprisingly was a gift from my husband a couple years ago. It is a Victoria’s Secret NFL hoodie to be exact. If you have not checked out your favorite teams apparel at VS, then you are missing out. They have a lot to choose from. If you are not a NFL fan, they have collegiate apparel as well. But as everyone knows VS can be pricey. If you are just shopping around for a simple hoodie with no design. You can find those at Wal Mart or Target. Overall you cannot go wrong purchasing a hoodie.

I hope you are enjoying reading these new posts as much as I enjoy writing them. Have a great day everyone!

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