A piece of everything

Today instead of writing a lengthy piece about vests. I decided it would be better to share more photos of me in my favorite vest. Especially since I have wrote a piece about vests already. There is not really much to them. They are easy to wear with just about anything. The vest you see below came from G by Guess. I bought it last year during their black Friday sale. The shirt I am wearing underneath came from Gap Factory and it was only eight dollars! I threw on my LC leggings from Kohl’s. She seriously makes the most comfortable leggings. My old ones by her as well finally wore out after four years, so I had to stock up on some new ones. Thankfully she still makes them. Because I would probably still be on the hunt for simple black and navy leggings. I said today would not be lengthy but I got in the groove, what can I say? Also when I come across weekly sales I will try to keep y’all in the loop. I know that everyone loves a good bargain! And I finally made some changes to the website. Now you can see my latest instagram posts at the bottom of the about, contact, and blog page. I hope everyone has a fabulous day!

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