We all need a good scarf 

Scarves! Who does not love a good scarf? They keep you warm and are comfortable. I own countless scarves. And that is why I am not buying any this year. A scarf is a great accessory, even when it is not around your neck. It can be used as a shawl, or if it is a thin enough material a head wrap of some sort. Although with an infinity scarf that may be difficult. With scarves basic colors are not necessarily a must. They are an accessory, so a patterned scarf can add a bit of pizazz to your outfit of the day. But if you only like simple colored scarves there is nothing wrong with that either. It all just depends on your personal style.

I personally own a good half and half portion. Half of my scarves are patterned and the rest are just a plain color. As far as style goes, that is a different story. I own thin scarves, ones with fringe, infinity, and blanket. With the blanket scarves I have seen some memes about having no neck when you wear them. I would definitely say that is true. But the purpose of it is to keep you warm. So hiding your neck is kind of the whole point. Blanket scarves can be kind of tricky as far as knowing how to wear them. They have great YouTube tutorials on how to tie them and wear them. That is how I learned.

The great thing about scarves too is you can find them literally anywhere. Prices definitely range with them. In the pictures below my scarf came from Lush Boutique. I actually have not worn it too much yet. I bought it towards the end of winter last year. But as this weather gets colder. I will definitely take advantage of it! Thanks for tuning in. Until next time.

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