Hats & Bargains 

So I have talked about hats before. But today I will improvise a little more with fall hats. Fall hats to me are considered like beanies or a wool like material. For example I have a black floppy hat that came from Ross. The material is way too thick to wear in the summer or spring. It is made to keep my head warm for colder months, so naturally it should be a thicker material. I actually ordered a wool like baseball hat recently. I know, I know you are probably thinking umm…Krista you are not supposed to be shopping. And you would be right. I broke my 50 days a few times. So I am restarting my challenge on Monday. Wish me luck again! But anyways if you are out shopping and notice a hat is made of a thick material, it is usually a winter hat. Baseball caps vary. Those trucker hats that have like a mesh back are more for warmer months.

Hats to me are just perfect for bad hair days or if you just want to add something extra to your outfit. And of course you cannot go wrong wearing baseball caps to sporting events or to workout. I know my husband is not a fan of hats. More for himself than anything. I was not a big hat wearer until like four years ago. My collection is getting a bit out of control to say the least. But I think they are fun to wear. Sometimes they make my head itch after a while. But I do not wear them on a daily basis either. So that could potentially be why.

Some of my most recent hats have come from Ross, Dottie Couture, and Nordstrom. Nordstrom has a great collection for good prices. And they always have free shipping! My hat that recently came from there a couple weeks ago is a faux leather hat. I am kind of obsessed with it. I cannot tell a lie.

The hat you see below came from Target a couple years ago. Target is a good place to find not only hats but all your winter accessories. Also you will notice I put a list of sales happening now. Enjoy!

Current Sales:

Old Navy 50% off storewide

Kohl’s extra 20% off until Monday

Loft 40% off everything

G By Guess 40-60% off entire site

Charlotte Russe up to 50% off online with $1 shipping (ends Monday)

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