These boots were made for walking…

I have covered the topic of shoes before. But those were for spring and summer. Today will be all about fall and winter. What kind of shoe comes to your mind during the fall season? For me it is boots! Boots are just easy to throw on and they always look cute. Last year I became obsessed with knee high boots. But I discovered you have to wear a thin material under them, or they will get all scrunched up. Unless they are wider on top. I own a couple pairs of those. The rest of my boot collection consists riding boots and ankle booties.

A lot of my boots have come from Charlotte Russe, Dillard’s, and local boutiques. Boots can vary in price. However if you want good quality you may find yourself paying a little more for a pair. Like genuine leather for example. Surprisingly my favorite pair of boots that I wear to work during the fall/winter came from Sam’s. I own a black and brown pair. Exactly alike. I just rotate them according to my outfit. They are Kenneth Cole. Really comfortable and good quality. I have had them for about two years now. You would be surprised where you might find good boots. Tj Maxx always has a good random selection as well.

Below you will see my bright red boots and fringe booties. My mom found the red boots for me a few years ago at Dillard’s. I actually own them in two different colors. But the red is fun! It adds that pop of color to any outfit. They are a suede material. So not the best material for rain or snow. But for cooler, dry days they are perfect.

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