United we stand, divided we fall

I know this is a fashion blog. But after yesterday’s historical election. I feel it is time to end my silence. I read a great article this morning about wise words from our current president. It inspired me to write something. And everyone knows how much I love to write. So here it goes:

I personally did not like either candidate. But as an American I will hold my head up and keep moving forward. At this point that is all I can do. We are all in this together. Because at the end of the day we are all HUMAN. Sure, we may not have the same beliefs as everyone else. But isn’t that what makes America so unique? I am not going to sit here and criticize all those that voted for Trump or Hilary. What good will that do? Arguing over our next president won’t change the election results. I have held my tongue throughout this whole election. The awful comments and arguing has blown my mind. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You may not agree with that opinion, but you should respect it enough to back off and leave it at that. Now is the time to band together, not separate. However, that is easier said than done. Remember you only have ONE life. Do you really want to spend it arguing on social media? Or filling your hearts with hate? I understand everyone gets mad and upset. It’s part of our HUMAN emotions. But just remember nothing lasts forever. And every day is a new beginning. There is only going forward from here. You can still make a difference. Regardless of who our president is. Always remember that YOU matter. A new president will not change how valuable you are to this country and as a whole. Know your worth.

With that said I hope everyone will have a blessed day and keep living life to the fullest. Remember, stay true to who you are. Comments are always welcome. The link to the article is below. Thanks for tuning in.


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