Beauty Tuesday


It has been probably a solid month since I last posted. I have so much to catch y’all up on! So the last time I posted I wrote about starting the “no shopping” rule up again. Well the second time around did not last long. This is something I just do not want to give up on. So with Lent here now (yes, I am Catholic) I decided to give it up AGAIN. But I have a good feeling about it this time around. Third times a charm right?! As promised last time I will update on here with my progress and so on.

Moving on to the next topic. When I first started this blog last year. I wanted to be different and do “Beauty Saturday’s” instead of “Beauty Tuesday’s”. But Saturday’s can be busy and I seemed to forget about it on that day. So I think the new Beauty Tuesday segment will be good.

For my first Beauty Tuesday segment I want to talk about my three favorite lipsticks right now.

  1. LipSense
  2. Revlon
  3. Koko Kollection by Kylie Cosmetics

LipSense: This product is very new for me. Like it literally just came in the mail last week. I have only worn it once, but I am obsessed! It is definitely different. When I first put it on, my lips had a tingle sensation. And it dries REALLY fast. Then I put on the gloss that goes over it. As the day went on it could feel my lips getting kind of sticky. I reapplied the gloss which gets rid of that. I cannot even begin to tell you how nice it was to eat and not have lipstick on my food! Now do not get me wrong I still love my other lipsticks. But this is nice to have for days I do not have time to touch up my lipstick or dinner dates. Now getting it off was another story. I have the oops remover which is what you need to take it off. It gets it off pretty well. When you order lipsense for the first time it will be part of the kit. The whole kit includes a gloss, lipsense color, and the oops remover. It is a little pricey, but definitely worth the cost. Plus there are dozens and dozens of colors to choose from. Below is my color of choice. Love it!

Revlon: So this is a matte lip color. You can find this at your local Walgreens or any drugstore. A friend of mine had told me about this lipstick. At first I was a little hesitant about it, just because I do not use Revlon products too much. Once I put this on my lips I was sold! This lipstick is different from other matte’s because it does not dry out my lips. It goes on SO smooth. There are plenty of colors to choose from. I own this in two different colors. The one below is my favorite though. It is a nude that goes with everything.

Koko Kollection by Kylie Cosmetics: I have a funny story about this…well kind of. So when this collection was first released back in November I knew I had to have it! Not only is Khloe my favorite Kardashian, but I was obsessed with the colors. So I waited for the release and of course it sold out in less than like 15 minutes. Maybe less but I was disappointed for sure. Well they did a restock a couple weeks later. I was going to be ready this time around. When the website opened up I did it so fast that I accidentally put two sets in my cart. Well I really did not need two sets, but I was kind of afraid to back out of my cart and miss out. So I ended up with two. But it worked out because I ended up giving them away to friends for the holidays. I had never bought anything from Kylie Cosmetics prior to this. And these colors REALLY last. I was impressed. The set was $40 for 4 colors. Pretty good deal I must say. Some great news if you do not want to buy a whole set of lipsticks. Kylie is releasing the Koko Kollection individually.The colors are so vibrant. Below is my favorite one from the Koko Kollection.

I hope everyone enjoyed this Beauty Tuesday segment. Please feel free to comment or ask questions! Thanks for tuning in.

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