Spring is in the air

Springtime is my favorite season! Not only was I born during the spring but it is when all the flowers start to bloom. There is life again in the environment and the weather is like 70s-80s. Et least where I live. It is just a lovely time of year. So with a change in weather comes a change of wardrobe. A couple of spring fashion staples are white denim and pastel colors. I love wearing the two together. It creates a classic springtime look.

I personally own a pair of white denim shorts, capris, and a jean jacket. My jacket has to be one of my favorite spring items. Now for some a denim/jean jacket might be too bulky. But it cannot be worse than shoulder pads. Am I right? And no offense to those who may still wear shoulder pads. The jacket is just easy to pair with a casual dress, jeans, or a maxi skirt. It especially has served me well for those cooler spring mornings. Mine came from Old Navy (link below for one similar). I have had it for a few years. To me it is just so versatile and a must for spring. 

Moving on to pastels…If you are not much of a color person, pastels are perfect for you. The reason I say that is because pastels are not bold. I think pastels look good on everyone. But it is about finding the right color that looks good on you. That is the key. If you are out shopping one day and see a group of pastels, do not be afraid to try them on. You might be surprised! If you do not like pastels in clothing. Shoes are another option. For example say you are looking for an Easter outfit. Well you found that perfect light grey dress. Avoid your typical colored shoe. Go for that beautiful lavender or pink one. Stepping out of the box can be fun! Jewelry can also be another fun way to add those colors into the mix. A good statement necklace or earrings can do the trick. 

Below is my white denim/pastel combo. And today marks day 27 without shopping, only 19 more to go! Also a special shout out to my photographer Kasey. She did such a great job on these photos!

Dress: Francescas

Converse: Hibbitt Sports


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