So recently I started some DIY projects. I am not known to be a crafty person. Mainly because I am terrible at it! But here lately I have been watching a lot of YouTube tutorials. The videos have been a great way for me to learn (visual learner over here). My first DIY was a bedazzle project on a hat that I already owned. It did not turn out perfect by any means, but for a beginner not too shabby.

Now my second project was inspired by this vlogger. She had a tutorial on vintage t-shirts and lace up tees. I have been wanting a lace up graphic tee for a WHILE. But could never find the right one. Plus they can be a bit pricey. So these were exactly the projects I was looking for. I ordered two graphic tees from Wal Mart, both were like $8 a piece. Then I bought all my supplies from JoAnns. Which included some velvet ribbon, string, scissors, and fabric glue. Literally everything I needed in one place. One of the tees I ordered for this project ended up being a pajama shirt (too comfy to mess up). Luckily my husband had a barely worn WWE tee. So I just substituted that instead.

Once I started cutting away on the shirts. A realization occurred to me. Maybe I did not have ALL the materials after all. Like a ruler to measure for example. I had to guesstimate how far I needed to cut. Luckily the cut was not too off. Next I started the gluing process. That became a little messy. Thankfully I bought a fabric glue that dried on clear. I then placed a heavy book on both tees, so the materials would stick better. And it worked like a charm. However I did not touch them until the next day.

Below you will see me in my completed projects. I still need some practice. But I am pretty obsessed with the Army one. It is surprisingly comfortable. And I love how the WWE one looks. Unfortunately I did not get before pictures, next time I will be more prepared. Thanks for tuning in!

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