Turquoise Love

So I wanted to start this next series of blog posts with something special. As you all may know I had a photo session a couple of weeks ago. It was the perfect weather for my fall attire. One of the outfits in particular held a sentimental accessory that I will forever cherish. And that accessory would be the turquoise pendant, which belonged to my grandmother. If you do not know me personally or have not kept up with my blog before. Then you might not know she passed away in August. It has been a hard few months for my family and myself. But we all know she is in a much, much better place.
When I started planning the outfits for the photo shoot. I knew right away that I wanted to incorporate the turquoise pendant somehow. It blended the outfit so well. Kasey my photographer did an amazing job of capturing the essence of the pendant. And I know it is a material thing. But the sentimental value of it will always hold dear to my heart.

Below are my photos which feature the lovely pendant. In these photos there is definitely a Viking look of some kind going on. But it was fun look and my best friend Mizanne did a fantastic job on my hair. I would be lost on these photo shoots without her. There are some links as well to shop the look (click on the little pink words). I hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for tuning in.

Vest: Savvy, Leggings: G By Guess, Heels: Ross

Clutch: Red Dress Boutique

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