Flaunt your camo

Camoflouge is a pattern that you either love or hate. In my experience there is no in between with it. I happen to love it. It is a fun print to mix and match with an outfit. Maybe some people think it is too masculine or something. But if that happens to be reason why you choose not to wear it. Well…then let’s play with the possibilities. 

To start off make sure you pick out the right camoflouge pattern that suits you (yes, there are multiple ones). The military type camo happens to be my personal favorite. The hunter type camo is ok but not really my style. Next you want to pick out how you will wear the camo. Meaning a jacket, tee, dress, or pants. I happen to have a jacket, tee, and jeans. Then finally you will start to mix and match your camo of choice. Another thing to consider is the color of camo you get as well. The traditional military green is always good. Because the green tones go good with brown, black, and some colors like red. 

Below I paired my camo jeans with a simple black turtleneck and added that pop of color with red heels. Another alternative I was considering for this outfit was a beige long-sleeve top and some tan boots. The possibilities are endless really.

There are shopable links below (just click on the pink words). My exact purse is still available at TJ Maxx too! Also do not forget about the awesome black Friday sales this week. Old Navy always has 50% off storewide. Trust me you do not want to pass up that. On that note I am going to end this post with what I am thankful for. 

I am thankful for every day I wake up. To see my dogs and wonderful husband each morning is a true blessing. It really is the little things like having a running car and food in the fridge that get taken for granted. Always remember to start each day with a grateful heart. I would love to know what you are thankful for? Please don’t hesitate to share in the comments. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 


Turtleneck: Stella Raes, Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: Ross

Purse: TJ Maxx

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