New Decade

Ageing is an inevitable thing. No matter how much botox or skin products we use, nothing stops us from getting older. Yes, these tools may help us from looking our age but it in the end you are the age you are. Whether that be 21 or 50. I personally now being 30 years old am learning to embrace age. Because you cannot stop the ageing process. So like the saying goes “if you can’t beat them, join them“. Now I understand everyone may not agree with this, but for me it works.

Over the course of the last birth year I have experienced so much. Loss being a big one with the passing of both grandparents. I have done a lot of growing because of those trials. Life is a constant rollercoaster. Things can be great for while, then with the blink of an eye everything can take a turn for the worse. But it is how we choose to deal with those obstacles that make us who we are. And I can honestly say I am happy with the person I have grown into. Although I still have much growing to do. Even at age 60 a person can still grow. Well maybe not physically of course but mind and soul.

All the experiences from my 20s have been the good, the bad, and the ugly literally. And I am sure my 30s might be the same. But what makes this time around different is the growth I have experienced to handle situations better. I am ready to see with this new decade has in store for me. With love and faith I know all is possible. So cheers to 30 and all it has to offer!

Below is a picture with the one and only Minnie from my birthday trip to Disney World. Thanks for tuning in and have a blessed week!

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