Hope, Faith, & Love

CANCER SUCKS is the first thing that comes to mind when writing this. It really does! When my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week I was in pure SHOCK. It did not feel real and my heart felt like it shattered into a million pieces. Since then I have still been processing everything. Cancer has no prejudice, it will target ANYONE. But in all honesty until it affects you firsthand or secondhand, it seems like in an improbability. Or at least in my case. I have had other family members affected by cancer. And while it was heartbreaking and I miss them. This time is just so different. My mother is my BEST FRIEND. She is my shopping buddy, she is my worst critic, she is my first phone call, and most of all she is my HEART. I just never imagined she would be going through something like this. And all I can think is why her? If I could just take away that tumor in her head with the snap of my fingers, trust me I would have done it by now! But unfortunately life does not work that way. Only God can work miracles. He is the one that can truly heal her. Right now is the BIGGEST test of my life, the test of faith. I must put all I have in him and trust he will take care of her. Because if it were me she would do the same. She would stay hopeful and be by my side at every chance. Now it is my turn to take care of her and do whatever I need to do in order to get her through this. Mom you are not alone in this journey. Lots of family and friends are praying for you. We know you are a WARRIOR and will get through this. You are so LOVED.

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