Home is where your mom is ❤

Today mom got released from the hospital and she is staying at my house for a bit. Dad has some projects he wants done around their house, that way it is more suited for her. So temporarily she will be staying with us. Which is completely fine because I want to do ANYTHING I can for her. Today I took a vacation day and got my house all ready for her stay. When she arrived she napped for a bit. After her nap we watched Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer. It was time well spent. Because mom has always been such a workaholic that any downtime was nonexistent ( which even meant watching movies). And the crazy thing is this movie came out in 2007. That is the same year I graduated high school (giving away my age). She has always planned to sit down and watch this particular movie, but it just never happened until today. It was nice to spend time with her in that way. Even though I HATE everything she is going through. This experience is teaching me to cherish every single moment. I continue to PRAY that we will have many more moments like this in the future. She is just so DEAR to my heart. With PRAYER, POSITIVITY, and PATIENCE we will get through this side by side.

I will continue to say this each time. But thank you to all for the support and prayers for mom. We truly appreciate it more than you know!

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