My Mission

As someone who does not have children yet I live a pretty carefree life. It has given me the opportunity to travel with my husband and such. But we do own dogs and they are like children to me because I simply adore them! However, children and dogs are quite different.

As a woman of 30 (newly turned) by now I honestly thought I would have at least one child. But like the saying goes…God laughs when you make plans. I used to get sad when I would see a baby announcement on Facebook or Instagram. It would be a constant reminder that everyone was getting pregnant, except me. But due to recent events it has changed my outlook COMPLETELY. Now it makes more sense. God was preparing me for this journey with mom. Without a child I am more equipped to care for my mom better (like guiding her to the bathroom or what not). She has my FULL attention outside of work. Especially since she is temporarily staying with us. God only gives a person what they can handle. I know someday we will be blessed with a child. And I pray I am half the mother my mom is because she truly is the BEST. But right now I am exactly where I am supposed to be in my life. She has been a SUPERMOM to me for the last 30 years, literally. Now it is my turn to return the favor. I wish it was a different circumstance but this is the card we were dealt. Now we all just have to move forward and PRAY for the best.

UPDATE: Mom has an appointment with the neurologist Wednesday to check on her incision from the biopsy. Then Thursday she has another appointment with the Oncologist to hopefully go over the treatment plan. More family is arriving this week to help out. Thanks for all the continued prayers and support!

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