Optimistic Outlook

God truly does work in mysterious ways. Yesterday we found out mom’s tumor is at a grade 3. Which came as somewhat of a relief because it could have been MUCH worse. Yes, a grade 3 tumor is considered intermediate because it grows quickly. And it is definitely not ideal. But thankfully it is not a grade 4 which grows even faster (counting our blessings where we can). She will have to do radiation, chemo is another story. Today she has an appointment with both the oncologist and the radiation oncologist to go over the treatment plan. Hopefully that will begin SOON! The doctor wanted her stitches removed first (which they took care of yesterday). Her incision is healing well and the bruising from the biopsy looks better. The steroids she takes are keeping her appetite in check. Also she has been staying busy daily with TV, puzzles, and short walks. For the most part she feels fine. Sometimes she gets headaches. But she is taking everything like a trooper. Mom has to be the strongest woman I know. I am BEYOND proud of her for the positive attitude she carries. She is a true WARRIOR. We just continue to stay OPTIMISTIC and PRAY our hearts out for the best outcome. Thanks for all the continued support!

Auntie & Mom

One thought on “Optimistic Outlook

  1. Mary Nell Lemert says:

    This is so beautifully written, Krista!!! Love the puzzle picture and am so glad she is able to do som many activities. I miss her terribly and can’t wait to come visit tomorrow. Much love to your entire family ❤️❤️

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