The Next Step

The hard thing about growing older is coming to terms with our parents aging and all that comes with it. We find ourselves taking care of them and doing things they would do for us when we were young. However I did not imagine it like this. But life is unpredictable in that way. And that is when true character is created. It is through times like these we build endurance. We find strength within that we did not know was there.

UPDATE: Mom met with both the radiation oncologist and regular oncologist yesterday. She will officially begin treatment on June 4th. There will be a total of 30 treatments in a six-week period (aggressive treatment for an aggressive tumor). Which means she will be going Monday through Friday. She will also be taking a chemo pill on the days of radiation (so basically every day). After the six-week period is up, she will have another MRI done to check the progress. The thought of mom going through all this breaks my heart. It was rough for me to hear all the news from her doctor’s visit yesterday (started crying like a baby). But I cannot psych myself out before the race even begins. How would I make it to the finish line? Giving up is NOT an option. Only PRAYERS, POSITIVITY, and PATIENCE.

4 thoughts on “The Next Step

  1. Mary Ann blessen says:

    This is heartbreaking, but you are a strong person and God is with you through this time. My mom has Alzheimer’s and we’re kind of going through the same thing. She is in care home now, but I go see her almost every morning and my brother, sister and I take turns putting her to bed at night . It is ver tiring but she’s worth it❤️

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    • kristas style says:

      Thank you Mary Ann. I appreciate your kind words. I am sorry you have to watch your mom go through Alzheimer’s. That is a terrible disease as well. Prayers for her. Yes ma’am ❤


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