Week One

As the work week nears to an end, all I can think is TGIF. I am already entering weekend mode. Which is not always a good thing when you still have eight hours of a workday left. But thankfully I got this!

This week has been a surreal one. With mom starting her first week of radiation and all. The treatment process just solidifies that the cancer is REAL. And it is not going away overnight, as much as we would like it to. If I could bottle up all cancer and send it to the moon, life would so much easier. But that is not the case. Instead there are machines and medicine that are hard on the body. It could be worse though. There could be no treatment at all, like back in the old days. Now I am understanding the importance of finding a healthy cure. A cure that does not treat you like someone just knocked you out in a ring. When mom started taking her chemo pill it made us nervous. Because we heard about the awful side effects, which would be vomiting. Thankfully mom has been good so far (knock on wood). And the radiation is just making her more tired. Her appetite is still good and she moves around pretty decent. She gave me a huge bear-hug this evening and held me pretty tight. I joked with her and said she was getting stronger than me (she laughed). Hopefully the coming weeks will hold good things for us. But I know there will still be good and bad days. Just praying for more good ones.

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