My First Treatment

Today was my first time to go to radiation with my mom. The feeling was pretty surreal. And I did find myself getting emotional at one point. But the time we spent there was not long. The treatment itself only lasts about 10 minutes. Really the longest part of being there was waiting to check in. Meanwhile mom had her mind set on one thing…and that was popcorn. Apparently the patients get free popcorn there. As soon as she got out of radiation, that is all she wanted. It is crazy to think how something so simple made her happy. It is little moments like that, I have learned to cherish during this process. I am thankful I got to spend that extra time with her today. Also seeing her routine at the cancer center. There are still 16 more radiation treatments to go. So far she has been a CHAMP through it all. She is definitely the strongest woman I know.

If you do not know already. I am making “Hope, Faith, & Love” bracelets on behalf of mom. They are $5 a piece and the proceeds are going to her treatment. There are two styles to choose from, either solid or chevron. Both are grey to represent brain cancer awareness (the official ribbon color). If you are interested please comment below, text me, or contact me through social media. I will have them ready in a couple weeks (ordered supplies). Thank you for the continued prayers and support. Below is my mom and brother after her treatment today.

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