Unexpected Journey

I have been debating writing this piece, mainly because it is so HARD for me. But I know there are a lot of people out there who love mom and deserve to know ALL that is going on. With that said, mom had her appointment yesterday at MD Anderson. Her doctor’s name is Rebecca Harrison and she did a good job of explaining everything in terms that made sense to us (did not sugarcoat anything). Basically the type of tumor mom has is VERY aggressive (without mutation). The treatment she received back home was the correct protocol. Dr. Harrison said they would have done the same treatment here in Houston. Unfortunately surgery is still not an option for this type of tumor (Glioblastoma). The only treatment option is to continue with radiation and chemotherapy. I asked about immunotherapy and other different treatment options. She said it is possible to try some clinical trials down the road. And it also depends on how much we are willing to put mom through. If the treatment is not helping her quality of life, then it is not worth doing. Because no matter what the treatment is we are just buying her time as the doctor put it. One of my aunts joined us at the appointment yesterday. She asked Dr. Harrison the one question I have been TERRIFIED to ask, which was “how much time are we looking at?”. The answer was statistically 15 months. Again that is an average and even Dr. Harrison said “you are not a number”. Every person is different and we are going to fight this as as long as we can! I had done some research prior to mom’s appointment about lifespan with this particular cancer. I am not sure if it was the initial shock when the words came out of the doctor’s mouth or just from being prepared? But I did not cry. The aftermath is a different story. This whole trip to Houston has been an emotional rollercoaster. We have laughed, cried, and been frustrated as hell! But I know these are precious moments I am spending with my mom. Even if she is not who she used to be. I know that she loves me and NOTHING will ever change the bond we share. Everything is truly in God’s hands now. We just have to continue to HOPE, have FAITH, and give her all the LOVE.

3 thoughts on “Unexpected Journey

  1. Jessica says:

    You are brave Krista. Know my family continues our prayers for you all especially your mom. Im so very sorry this is happening. We serve a very merciful and loving God…miracles are possible.

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