Gruesome Glioblastoma

Mom had her second appointment with Dr. Harrison at MD Anderson today. She went over the results of her scan (done yesterday). Basically the tumor is still growing and the chemo is not effective anymore. So she will start an infusion therapy (administered every two weeks). Then in four weeks Dr. Harrison wants to see mom back for a another scan to see the progress. We are praying that this treatment will be more effective. The appointment today was a ROUGH one to say the least. When you have a loved one going through something so vile as cancer, it almost feels like you are in constant mourning. At times like these it is difficult to stay hopeful. I did pretty good about holding myself together at the last appointment. But as soon as the doctor walked out of the room I was flooded with emotions! When we got down to the lobby I called Saxon and started crying. My mom was sitting next to me and handed me a tissue. It is almost ironic thinking of it now. The person without the cancer being more upset than the person with the cancer. Even though we did not receive the news we were hoping for today. I know it would not be in our nature as a family to give up. We will do whatever we have to in order to preserve mom’s quality of life. Thank you for all the continued support and prayers!

3 thoughts on “Gruesome Glioblastoma

  1. Jackie Curl says:

    So sorry to here that your mom has a GBM. I had seen your dad awhile back, but I don’t think there was a diagnosis! You all are in my prayers! This is a tough road to walk! I’m praying the new treatment helps her! Praying for God to heal her! ❤️

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