Sick of Seizures

Close to midnight on Saturday I wake up to Saxon telling me my brother called him about my mom having another seizure. He had tried to call me first, but my phone was on silent. I immediately started cursing myself for having my phone on silent. As soon as I got a grip on things, we headed straight for the ER. Once we got there, my dad brought us up to date on everything. Then we got to head back and see my mom in the room. Everything seemed like it had calmed down, but once the nurse came to get her for the CT scan it all went downhill AGAIN. She started having another seizure, next thing I know four nurses are in the room trying to contain her and give her medicine. It took a while for things to calm down the second time around. Once that happened, they wheeled her away for the scan. THANKFULLY the scan did not show any signs of change. After speaking with the doctor, we just waited for her to be admitted. Everyone agreed it was best for her to be monitored overnight. Saxon and I were at the ER until about 3:15 am. Dad of course stayed to see everything through (changing rooms and stuff). Currently, mom is sleeping and she is doing okay. They placed her in ICU mainly because they can monitor everything better than if she were on a regular floor. Not to mention, they have access to special medications just in case she needs them. It is possible she could be there another night. When I spoke to my dad around 8:30 this morning, he said they were waiting to see the doctor again.

When we experienced mom having her first seizure back in September, it was something we hoped to not see again. So last night when she had two, it was definitely UPSETTING to say the least. Especially since we received a good report from Houston last month. Once again, this experience is showing me that this is TRULY in God’s hands. And unfortunately even with progress, there will be some setbacks along the way. That is why we have to appreciate the good moments when we can. We continue to hope and pray for the best after last night’s episode. She has been through so much in a short period of time. All we want is healing for her and the best quality of life possible. Thank you for all the support and prayers during this time. I will try to update more the best I can.

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