New year, New Beginnings

What does a new year mean to you?

For me it means a fresh start. Last year my goal was to lose weight and be more frugal. Well that did not exactly go as planned… When I found out my mom had cancer. The first thing I wanted to do was eat and shop! Both were quick fixes to get my mind off the reality of the situation. Those quick fixes soon became the norm. It was not good for me or my wallet. I knew going into this year my mom would not be cancer free. So having to mentally prepare myself for that was the first step. Then finding better ways to cope, like working out again was the second. I just have to remember to take things day by day. And remember that there will always be good and bad days. Because nothing in this life is perfect.

Update: We made our fourth trip to Houston on Monday. Mom had an MRI done on Tuesday and Wednesday had her appointment with Dr. Harrison. The tumor is stable and mom seems to be doing good. Dr. Harrison wants to see mom back at the end of February or beginning of March. Each time we go to Houston we learn more and more about mom’s diagnosis. For example the seizures. Any time the body is under stress in mom’s condition it can produce a seizure. Both times mom had episodes, she tested positive for a urinary tract infection. Unfortunately, mom cannot always tell us anymore if she is in pain or simply does not recognize it. So now we just have to be more proactive even more so than before, trying to prevent more seizures from happening in the future. Hopefully, this year will bring more joy than heartache. We just have to trust God’s plan and have faith in the journey. Thank you for all the continued thoughts and prayers!

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