May is grey

When my mom got diagnosed a little over a year ago with a Glioblastoma. I had no idea at the time that the month of May would become so dear to my heart. Not only because it was the month of her official diagnosis, but also because May is brain tumor/cancer awareness month. I also learned that the brain tumor/cancer awareness ribbon color is grey. Last year I did not get the chance to be proactive about raising awareness or contributing money to the cause. I mean everything was still in the beginning stages and all so new to us. But this year has been a different story! I have made sure to spread awareness via social media and donated to the National Brain Tumor Society. The biggest aspect just like anything else is funding. The more money they have, the better they can tackle this horrible disease! I am so thankful to my co-workers for all the support they have showed during this month. They surprised me with some t-shirts for myself and mom a couple weeks ago (pictured below). Also, the first Friday of the month everyone wore grey. How amazing is that?! I am truly blessed to have the support system I do in all aspects of my life, without it this month would be a lot more difficult to get through.

Also mom had a recent checkup in Houston on May 8th. Unfortunately the report was not a good one. The tumor has started to grow once again, despite infusion treatments. So the plan is for her to continue the infusion treatments along with a chemo pill (taken every six weeks). The infusion treatments will be every couple of weeks, as opposed to every other week. As long as mom can handle the treatment we will continue with this path (she has been a trooper). We do not ever want to make things worse for her than they already are. Thank you for all the continued thoughts and prayers!

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