Glioblastoma Awareness Day

On June 11th the National Brain Tumor Society announced that the U.S. Senate officially made July 17th Glioblastoma Awareness Day! For all the patients and loved ones affected by this terrible disease, this is HUGE. I will be sharing on every social media outlet as much as possible on Wednesday. Spreading awareness and raising funds to find a cure is the KEY. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. Hoping for better things to come in the Glioblastoma world.

Update: Mom has overall been doing okay. She had an infusion treatment on Tuesday and took another chemo pill yesterday. We were pretty nervous about how she would do taking the pill this time around because last time it made her VERY sick. Thankfully, I can say it did not make her sick and it went better. However, she is pretty fatigued as you can imagine. We are heading back to Houston next month. So praying for good results!

Last weekend following the 4th we went to my cousins wedding in Dallas. It was the first big wedding since I got married back in 2012. So it was a pretty big deal for my mom’s side of the family. My aunts had already bought an outfit for my mom to wear, so that made it nice. Surprisingly, it was smooth sailing getting mom ready for the wedding. She enjoyed the music and it meant a lot to my cousin for her to be there. Everyone was dressed to impress and enjoyed catching up. Below is a photo of mom and I from the wedding. She looked absolutely beautiful!

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