Last Sunday morning I received a phone call from my dad about something being different with my mom. Of course, within minutes of hanging up with him I was on my way to their house. When I first saw her I knew something was not right. She was just out of it, even more so than usual. We knew she needed to be checked out, so we immediately took her to the ER. They ran a CT scan and did not find any signs of a stroke. The reason we thought it could be a possible stroke was because her left eye was droopy. Then we thought after that was ruled out it could have been a seizure given her history with them. The ER doctor said it was a possibility because her urinary test came up positive for a UTI. Based on that information he wanted to keep her overnight for observation and do more tests. The next day she had an MRI. It confirmed nothing had changed and no signs of a seizure. After all was said and done, it was confirmed the UTI had caused this HORRIBLE episode. Which was baffling, but believable at the same time. The two times mom has had seizures a UTI had triggered them. We just keep learning more and more. Sometimes you think you have heard it all, then something else comes along like this and it throws you for a loop! The crazy thing is we were due back for Houston on Friday, but that obviously had to be rescheduled.

Currently, mom is still in the hospital and will most likely be there for a couple of weeks. The goal is for mom to get back to herself before this infection zapped her as dad puts it. She is doing better, but with a cancer patient you can never be too careful with recovery. The occupational therapist and physical therapist will work with her daily. When we moved mom to the rehabilitation part of the hospital, one of the nurses recongized us from her time spent in there last year after her biopsy. We know she is in good hands. It is just hard seeing someone you love in the hospital. Thank you for all the continued thoughts and prayers!

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