Birthday Blessing

Last year mom turned the big 60. At the time we weren’t sure if that would be the last birthday we spent with her. We didn’t want to think too much about it, but with a Glioblastoma patient it’s hard not to think of the harsh reality. So you can imagine how GRATEFUL we were to celebrate another birthday with her on Monday. Overall she had a decent day. Two of my aunts and grandma came into town for her birthday weekend. She seemed to enjoy their visit along with the good food they made her. It’s kind of funny because I asked her how old she was turning and her answer was 50. The look on her face was priceless when we told her that wasn’t the case. We all kind of joked about aging in general after that and just enjoyed the laughter. Sometimes, you have to laugh so you won’t cry. But we are just truly THANKFUL for getting to spend another birthday with her.

On another note she had an infusion treatment last week. It was the first one since being out of the hospital. Her last infusion was nearly a month ago. We are hoping to make a trip back to MD Anderson next month. A special thank you for all the birthday wishes and of course for the continued prayers! Mom is a lucky woman to have all the support and love from so many.

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