The Inevitable

Since mom came home from the hospital about a month ago, she has started to slowly decline. Unfortunately, we knew there would be a point with this cancer when that would happen, especially with how aggressive it is! Her checkup today was just a confirmation of the inevitable. The local oncologist believes it is in mom’s best interest to stop the infusion treatments (given every two weeks). She thinks at this point it would cause more harm than good. Plus the treatments have not been as effective for quite some time. As much as it saddens me to receive this news. I knew this day would eventually come, we all did. Even her doctor at MD Anderson warned us that the treatments were only buying her time. The average life expectancy for a Glioblastoma patient from time of diagnosis is 15 months. Mom has surpassed that and she continues to AMAZE us daily. I am not sure when God will call her home. But what I do know is how strong she is, she will continue to fight until there is nothing left to give. All we can do at this point is continue to pray our hearts out, make her as comfortable as possible, and love her with EVERYTHING we have.

Thank you for all the continued support and prayers!