A love letter to mom

Sometimes, it all feels like a bad dream. The reality of not being able to hug you, hear your laugh, or visit you every day is a heartbreak like no other. You were my first love and best friend. Life will never be the same without you. Especially because a part of me went with you that day. The day God decided it was time to call you home. I knew one day I would have to say good-bye to you, but not this soon. Not before seeing you be a grandmother and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Even though you are still with us. It still does not ease the pain of physically not having you present. I know you too lost your father around my age. But you still found a way to persevere through faith and lived a happy life. And you would want the same for me. You would not want me to be wishing my life away, instead the opposite. I love you mom, more than words can ever say. You truly were the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and hairstylist. Until we meet again someday, I will do my absolute best with all that life has to offer. Rest in peace my sweet, beautiful angel.