In our society the word “therapy” is becoming more familiar. It used to be viewed as taboo and probably still is for some, but with the increase of anxiety/depression in young adults it is more common now. I myself have been seeing a therapist for about four years now. When I first started going to therapy it was embarrassing and only my family knew. Then as time went on friends and even now some of my co-workers know. People were more understanding than I gave them credit for. Therapy is not a bad thing. To me therapy is a sign of strength. It takes a strong person to realize they are not in a good place and want to better themselves. Which I truly believe therapy has done for me. Especially during this stage of grief.

I actually had a therapy session just last week (first one in two months). It was a harder one than even the ones we’ve had while she was sick. Because this was the first session talking about her after dying. However, my therapist as always said something that stuck with me and made me feel a tad better. She said “you will never have to go through losing your mom again”. Once I processed what she said it made sense. As we grow older death is an inevitable thing. So I know there will be more loss in the future, but with each loss there is different type of grief. I lost both of my grandparents back in 2017 within a month of each other. As much as I miss them now and all the memories, it does not compare to the loss of my mother. Losing a parent will always have its own unique pain, just like I am sure losing a child would too.

Today marks two months that my mother has been gone. It feels like time is passing quickly. Even after a whole two months it has not gotten any easier (which is not a lot of time). I am not sure when it will, but I am thankful for first and foremost God. He has been carrying me and my family through this very difficult time. Also, thankful for the continued support from our family and friends.