When we lose someone close to us, we feel as though the world should stop. Unfortunately, life just does not operate that way. The dishes still have to be washed, the dogs need to be fed, and the daily grind of work has expectations that have to be met. Our society is always so busy, that sometimes we do not even get the chance to breathe! That’s why making time for ourselves is very crucial for one’s sanity.

For me, when my mom passed I had about a week off work. However, one of those days was the funeral and the other being Thanksgiving (total of 3 days). At the time I did not mind heading back to work so quickly, probably because I wanted a distraction. But no matter where I was, it did not make a difference. I was going to be sad about my mom at any given time or place. So why not be in an environment that I could be free to express my emotions? Such as the park or even in my own bedroom. Dealing with grief as mentioned before, is no easy thing and it is something that should be dealt with in the moment. Or else your emotions could spread like wildfire at a later time (know too well). I understand having too much time can drive a person crazy! At the same time, too much chaos can also cause a person to be OVERWHELMED. Taking time for yourself is good for the mind, body, and soul.

It has been four months without my mom. I can only imagine what she would be thinking, with all the madness surrounding the Coronavirus! She was always preaching to us about washing our hands. I can just hear her say it now “wash hands, wash hands”. It makes me giggle thinking about it, but back then I would get so annoyed. What I would give to hear her say that to me again.

Below I came across this excerpt that I thought was appropriate. It puts things in perspective. We all have a choice of how our time is spent. Try to find the good in all the bad. Stay healthy everyone!