Birthday Wishes for Misses

Last year on my 31st birthday I was not sure at the time what the future held for my mom. All I remember is being thankful that she was around for another birthday. Even though in my family we have never made a huge deal of birthdays. All that has always mattered is we were together. Since mom’s passing we have had two birthdays. My dad whose birthday was in November, just two days after her death. Then my brother’s, which was in January. We ended up going to dinner (family tradition) for his and it felt like a piece of our family puzzle was missing. Now with my birthday coming up (April 24th), it has all the feels to it. It truly saddens me knowing this will be the first of many birthdays without my mother. The last thing I want to do is celebrate. Maybe in time that will change. I mean today only marks five months since she left us. So everything is still pretty fresh in my eyes. All I know is if I could wish for ANYTHING, it would be to hug my mom and never let go.

I learned not too long ago that Facebook memorializes accounts when someone is deceased (only if they become aware of it). Basically, it means the profile becomes a tribute page. Everything still looks like same, except it now says “Remembering” before her name. It is a good way for loved ones to still make a post in her honor.

Speaking of Facebook. Currently, I have a fundraiser going for my birthday to benefit the National Brain Tumor Society (linked below). It will be actively going until May 1st, which is also the beginning of brain tumor awareness month. Please consider donating for a great cause!