The Shades of Grey for May

The month of May is brain tumor/cancer awareness. As mentioned before it is also the same month my mom received her diagnosis. Even though she lost her courageous battle. It has inspired me to advocate in her honor. Becoming a part of this community has given me a true purpose again. When you feel like you are a part of something bigger than yourself, it puts a lot in perspective. In my last post I mentioned my birthday fundraiser via Facebook for the National Brain Tumor Society. It raised a total of $625! I can honestly say, seeing the money raised for such a great cause genuinely EXCITED me for the first time in a long time. Sometimes, it can be difficult though knowing the reason (cancer) that brought me to this point. However, I am thankful for the opportunities to truly help make a difference for others. Below are some links for ways to contribute during the rest of May.!/donation/checkout!/donation/checkout

A little over a week ago this red cardinal decided to grace its presence in our backyard. Knowing the meaning behind this beautiful bird, brought tears to my eyes. I had yet to see one since mom’s passing, which has now been exactly six months. Sometimes, it still does not feel real. The cardinal showed up just one day after losing one of our family dogs, Gretchen. For the first time since everything it truly felt like mom was by my side. It is a hard feeling to describe, but it was a good one.

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