We All Bleed Red

I usually keep my opinions to myself when it comes to anything political, but with the recent events it would simply be a crime not to express my feelings. You may not agree with what I have to say, but please remember these are MY OPINIONS and MY OPINIONS only. All I ask is that you be respectful if you wish to express your thoughts as well. Thank you.

The story of George Floyd has sent the world on a shockwave of emotions. I cannot even fathom the pure terror he must have felt in the final moments leading to his demise. If I could describe his death in a few words, it would be TRAGIC, UNNECESSARY, and HORRIFYING. All the occurrences since his passing have truly opened my eyes. Mostly, to my own ignorance of racism. Even though I have never treated anyone from the black race differently than someone from the caucasian race, does not mean others have followed in my suit. Now, I am trying to educate myself by reading, listening, and supporting those who have been affected by racism their entire lives. Unfortunately, I will never completely understand, but I will certainly try. We can all help be a voice for other voices that have been ignored for so long. Because a BLACK LIFE is just as valuable as any other life.

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