Hi Up There

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It is no secret that I am a true city girl at heart. However, have found myself appreciating the great outdoors more and more. I would not go as far as camping (unless you count Girl Scouts), but definitely a good nature hike. For me what I enjoy about hiking is not only the scenic beauty, but the sense of accomplishment that comes along with it. I would not consider myself an expert hiker by any means! About five or six miles is the extent of my hiking resume.

Since my mom’s passing I have went on two hikes. The first in March (Palo Duro Canyon) before COVID got really bad and the second just last month (Curt Gowdy State Park). Both made me emotional. Mainly, because I have a new perspective when looking at sky just like everything else in life. Now when I look up, I think of my mom in Heaven. To me it represents her home now. Especially, when viewing the sky in its purest form away from the bright lights of the city.

Mom has been gone nine months today. Even though we as a family have been adapting to this new normal without her. We are always missing her and think about her daily. Sometimes, I think she is the lucky one being away from all the chaos of the world right now. I know she would be full of opinions concerning everything. She was definitely a character. One of a kind in the best way possible.

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