Back in May of 2016 I decided to start a fashion blog. As much as I loved to dress up and shop. I thought why not? It started out pretty ambitious and had some good ideas. Even did a few professional photo shoots of all my looks. But when my mom got diagnosed with cancer in May of 2018. It changed the course of everything! I realized I didn’t want to just write about clothes and material things anymore. I wanted my writing to have some depth and something I could look back on one day with integrity. Not bashing any of the beauty or fashion bloggers by any means. I am just expressing this from my own perspective. Writing has always been my creative strength. It was the one thing in school I was good at, my grammar is another story. The blog has become like my own public diary. That’s the thing about blogging, you can’t be afraid to let out some emotion and be worried of what others will think. No matter what kind of blog you have. There have been numerous times, when writing about my mom that I had to pause because I was crying so hard. Writing during this process is the one thing that keeps me sane, or so it feels like. It has and always will be a form of therapy for me. I am thankful to all of those that take the time to read Crimson Diamonds. It means more than you will ever know!