In our society the word "therapy" is becoming more common. Used to it was something unheard of, but with increase of anxiety/depression in young adults it is the new normal. I myself have been seeing a therapist for about four years now. When I first started going to therapy it was embarrassing and only my … Continue reading Therapy


Sometimes, I cannot believe it has been a month since mom took her final breath. It feels just like yesterday when I received the news in the middle of the night. Grief is a weird thing. Sometimes it feels like everything is going to be okay, then other moments there is nothing but doom and … Continue reading Grief

The Inevitable

Since mom came home from the hospital about a month ago, she has started to slowly decline. Unfortunately, we knew there would be a point with this cancer when that would happen, especially with how aggressive it is! Her checkup today was just a confirmation of the inevitable. The local oncologist believes it is in … Continue reading The Inevitable